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Taking Your IT Business to
the Next Level

We advise you only those 5% of methods, tools, and techniques, 

that deliver the major part of the result.

Zero unnecessary tools.


K595 Management consultants are really good at managing projects, teams, and company-level product development departments; describing business models, and transforming organizational structures. In Agile and traditional cultures.



K959 experts can help you manage your projects or set up a Project Management process for you. We come, analyze, evaluate, and propose ideas, then you choose and decide, and we implement –visualize workflow and specify PM activities, inputs/outputs, gate checklists, useful artifacts: Project charter, PMt plan, Risk register, Responsibility matrix, Stakeholder management, and Communication plans.


K595 project managers can re-launch your teams to work in a new manner. The so-called "Team kick-off" consists of a number of workshops with real-life useful results at the end: Team charter, Team agreements, Competence map, Stakeholder matrix, Delegation board, Meetings schedule, and agendas, Definition of Done, Process metrics, and others.

Product dept. transformation

We can describe your current biz model and facilitate brainstorming session to SWOT-analize it and then come up with fresh ideas on how to update it.


What is more, we help adapting organizational structure to make your company more product-focused and customer-oriented.



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